Protect Your Driveway With Asphalt Repair Service

Asphalt repair service sealing in driveways and other paved areas from damage due to weather and traffic. Sealcoating protects the surface much as wax protects a wood floor. The surface sealer slowly wears away in the weather and due to traffic while the materials underneath are protected from harm by the weather conditions, including hot sun, rain, and ice.

When a new driveway is paved, it should be allowed to cure for three days before allowing vehicle traffic or parked vehicles on the surface. Foot traffic is allowable immediately after the surface has been installed. Although owners may be tempted to install driveway sealing in Highland Park immediately after the drive is completed, the material should be allowed to cure for three months before coating.

Driveway sealcoating in Asphalt repair service helps to prevent damage and stains from motor oil, gasoline and transmission fluid spills. Without the seal, these materials act as solvents to dissolve the adhesive holding the aggregate together. Once the adhesive is dissolved, rains can wash away the gravel creating a pothole in the surface.

Once sealcoating is installed it will last an average of 2-4 years. The coating helps to maintain elasticity of the materials used in paving. Owners should inspect the driveway annually and reseal when the pavement begins to wear. Be sure any holes or cracks are filled prior to applying the material so water cannot leak through the pavement, damaging the base.

Avoid adding too much sealer to one’s driveway. While owners might be tempted to seal surfaces annually or apply an extra thick coating, this should be avoided. Adding too much sealcoating can cause an undesirable buildup. Thick buildups tend to split and crack creating ugly driveways that are difficult to repair. Often the best solution to this cracking and splitting problem is to allow the excess coating to wear off and recoat as per the instructions.

The sealant acts much as furniture or automotive wax. The surface is protected from rain, sun and other weather elements. Color and elasticity are added to the drive. The sealer also serves to fill small cracks and pores so that freezing weather cannot enlarge the problem and damage the structure of the driveway.

Asphalt repair service offers the best way to protect your driveway from the elements. The new sealcoat can give the drive a like new appearance while preserving the investment in paving the driveway. Whether you choose this job as a do-it-yourself one or hire a contractor, be sure to choose top quality sealer to protect the paving material.

You may occasionally need to make larger repairs on your driveway than a small amount of asphalt can handle. In these cases, you will want to purchase a mix that contains larger pieces of gravel and sand along with the glue-like asphalt. You will want to follow the package directions for mixing the asphalt and fill each pothole or large crack with enough of the mix to make it level with the surrounding area. If you do have some uneven surfaces after repairs, driving over the surface can push the repaired asphalt down, making it even with the surrounding area.

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